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Studio updates.

My First Day As A Traveling Photographer

Hello World, 

I want to give you a bit of insight of what this website is about and what I hope to achieve with it. As of 2016 July 27th I arrived in Mexico City with a camera in my bag and my laptop, unsure of what I was looking for as a new photographer I started taking images of almost everything in sight. Some might say I was trying to channel my inner photographer... well it didn't happen. But after hundreds of photographs later I began to see what I was really into, Panoramic scenes with a bit of over the top enhancements. I like the artistic look rather than the documentary feel, I guess you could say that I'm a bit into surrealism and that might be why I channel my compositions in such a way. Still a ton of things to learn and I believe I'm in my infancy stages of this racket, but one thing is for sure I wan to become on of the best... well try at least. 

I created this website so that I can have a written and graphical documentary of my travels and obviously the outcome of any project is to see where it takes me. I hope you guys enjoy my adventures, I invited you to come with me and find my self through my photography or at least have fun while I do so. LOL

PS. I dedicate this work to my daughter Vivian, may the experiences I live help you see the world filled with endless opportunity in every thing you do. 


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